Cooling Towers are the most concerning area to any Facilities Manager of a property or landowner. 


The legal requirements are extremely strict and rigid inspections are carried out by Environmental Inspectors of local authorities. 

If you have a cooling tower or evaporative condenser, you should put in place appropriate measures to prevent or control the risk of legionella.  The legal requirement is HSG 274 Part 1 Legionnaires disease. The control of Legionella bacteria in evaporative cooling systems. 

When you have a Water Management Company supporting your cooling towers to do a good job you need to have peace of mind that it is being done accurately without becoming a concern.  

This is what Valens Water can do for you:


  • Audit your existing service provider – giving an accurate report of the findings. 

  • Develop through City and Guilds training your in-house staff to make sure their knowledge of the maintenance of Cooling Towers increases and giving head of maintenance control.

To be able to deliver the highest quality of chemicals that are required.  See water treatment and products.  

Our services include training, audit and chemical delivery.

Valens Water specialist area is to train and insource the clients to be level of support that allows them to keep control but not to feel exposed to risk.  They may wish to take back control of the management and operational maintenance in an efficient, safe and controlled manner. This includes all chemical purchase. 

Call Dee Thornton on 07737 779594 to discuss further. 


Dee has been working within the Water Treatment Industry since 2008 and has been fully qualified since 2012 as a Risk Assessor, Auditor, Water Treatment specialist and Cooling Tower Assessor.  Dee’s background has been 30 years in Management within different industries including negotiation of large public sector contracts and working within Europe for a number of years.  She is a value to any Chief Engineer, Facilities Manager, Chemical Engineer and CFO to offer practical knowledge and empathy for problem solving within the water industry.  

She works with a small high quality specialist within the Water Treatment Sector and is loyal to her customer foremost. 


M: +44 7737 779594


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