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SWIMMING POOLS - Pool Consultancy, Reports, Audits, Conditioning and Training


Keeping a swimming pool clean and well maintained is important.  Knowing that your maintenance staff for your pool are doing a good job is even more so. 

Valens Water Limited work independently offering our clients the peace of mind knowing that their pool cleaning maintenance staff are delivering an accurate chemical level and quality filtration systems.

The report will give the client a simple understanding of what is required to deliver quality swimming pool chemical balance and clean water as well an overview of maintenance and recommendations as to whether the maintenance company is providing to correct service. 

The Risk Assessor has over 20 years’ experience specifically in Swimming Pool operations, risk assessments and training including STA National Pool Plant Tutor and moderating Tutor, Level 3 Pool Plant Operator, PWTAG Technical Council member, WMS Practical Legionella Risk Assessor, Nebosh GC2 and GC2. 

Training Courses can be run in house or off site by a STA National Pool Plant Tutor.

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