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  • Valens Water offer the highest quality skill in Europe, according to both UK law and EU legislation.  The work is always priced clearly and transparent for our customers and we only work with customers who want to treat us in the same way.

  • The work is presented and delivered in a clear and understandable way so that you and your staff can carry out the ongoing work with peace of mind knowing that you are working within the law.

  • Valens Water Limited source the most highly qualified set of specialists throughout Europe to provide efficient consultancy and skills in the Water Treatment Industry.  The director of Valens Water Limited has worked in large multinational sites throughout her career and sometimes challenging situations.  She is realistic and straightforward and our consultancy, risk assessment and audit costs and other services are always delivered within budget and on time.

  • Consultancy and project work can be billed either by an hourly rate, day rate or project rate.

  • Valens Water Limited also work with the largest and most experienced provider of Chemicals in the Water Treatment Globally. 

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